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Crazy gifts

Christmas is coming! Some give themselves to the merry atmosphere, others can’t stand the all-around rush and the rest couldn’t care less. The fact is that majority of us will go through the same emotions like every other year, finishing with panic, but who cares really.
We’ve made our minds and decided to reward our customers with crazy gifts, which will be given to everyone who’ll order goods from 1.11.2016 to 30.11.2016! What can you get your hands on? That depends entirely on you!

Over € 18

- Discount voucher - € 5 discount for purchases over €50 (valid from 1.1.2017 to 1.3.2017)

Over € 35

- Sticker + discount voucher - your metal hand will feel the difference!

Over € 53

- Key ring Metalshop + sticker + discount voucher - enjoy the Christmas madness

Over € 107

- Bag Metalshop + key ring Metalshop + sticker + discount voucher - an ultimate package for ultimate metal heads!


Are you looking for good Christmas present ideas? Have a look at our TOP BANDS overview in our CHRISTMAS GUIDEBOOK!

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