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General terms and conditions of the Metalshop credit system

General terms and conditions of the Metalshop credit system

1. Metalshop Credit System is the name of the program that s.r.o. offers to all registered users on the The basic principle of the credit system is to obtain credits which you can use as a discount on subsequent orders

2. Membership in the Metalshop credit system is created by registration on the website. Proper registration in which the following information is truthfully stated: name, surname, address of residence (all compulsory fields). By receiving confirmation of registration, the user is entitled to benefit from the Metalshop membership of the credit system. Membership in the Metalshop Credit System is free of charge. Credits may be obtained by any natural or legal person who agrees to the terms and conditions of the Metalshop Credit System. In case of abuse of the mechanism and benefits of the credit system, the user may be prevented from obtaining and/or drawing credits, both temporarily and permanently.

By creating an account, the customer confirms his/her agreement with the General Conditions and Rules of the Credit System

a) The user provided incorrect information when registering
b) The user misused the mechanism and benefits of the Metalshop Credit System
c) In the event of the user‘ s death, his account loses the right to earn credits from the credit system The Metalshop user of a credit system whose membership has lapsed and, because of the above credits (a), (b), (c) loses the right to use the credits collected on the user’s account and all other possible benefits of being a member of the Metalshop credit system.

3. Earning credits

The registered user recovers 5% of the order value (excluding shipping) in credits on his account after the order is paid. In the case of mail order, credits are credited after 14 days. Credits cannot be transferred to other users or other accounts.

4. Credits Usage

The collected credits can be applied by the registered user in the order in the first step of the cart. The value of the credits is then deducted in the form of a discount on the order. No more credits can be claimed than the amount of credits the user has collected on his account. The credit rebate also cannot be combined with the possibility of using a discount or gift voucher. Cannot apply more credits than the order value (excluding transport)

5. Cases of non-recognition of crediting credits

Credits will not be recognized by the user in the following cases

a) Credits were obtained in violation of good manners.
b) Credits were obtained for reasons of error or technical error of the system.

6. General provisions of the Metalshop Credit System

The benefits of the Metalshop Credit System and all rights associated with it shall not be transferable and shall be extinguished for the reasons set out in Article 2 of these General Conditions and Metalshop Credit System Rules. Credits earned by users of Metalshop represent a means to obtain a discount on further purchases and are only applicable within Metalshop Credit System s.r.o. reserves the right to amend and modify the general conditions of the Metalshop Credit System if necessary. s.r.o. reserves the right to change especially the turnover coefficient (e.g. in case of currency devaluation or another force majeure). The date of termination of the Metalshop Credit System will be announced on the website at least one calendar month in advance, after this date credits will not be further allocated

Credits in the Metalshop credit system expire 12 months after the acquisition.

These General Conditions of the Metalshop Credit System enter in force 1.2.2021

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