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Hair colors - Tutorial

Hair dyes Directions

Colors include all colors of the spectrum from Ebony to White Toner, containing 12 different shades of red, 5 different shades of blue and 4 shades of green and violet, lilac, pink, orange and more common colors such as brown and blond. Darker colors can be applied to any shade of hair, resulting in either deeper color or a slight emphasizing effect. Lighter colors are mainly designed for lighter hair or hair that has been pre-lightened or bleached. This color Directions enter hair follicles deeper, and therefore in most cases lasts longer.

Directions colors allow users to create their own limitless shades and combinations that will suit their individual desires. Directions colors are available in tubes of 85 ml capacity with a contact ring on the lid of the fuse. This allows the user to easily use 49 mm hole with a coloring brush. One tube with a volume of 85 ml is usually sufficient to hair shoulder length. Directions colors never tested on animals!

Instructions for use:

First wash your hair with shampoo slightly acidic (pH less than 7) - acquire the properties needed to correct discoloration

The second towel-dried hair brush on color. Včesávejte color hair until lather. This procedure colored pigment gets better hair in locations where hair color lighter včesávejte intensively.

Third color leave 30-40 minutes to work, plastic hair hat hot, and so help achieve a better result. Hair, flush thoroughly with warm water until the excess paint from the nevymyje


Helpful hints:


Do not mix with peroxide, do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows, before painting, do not use shampoo with conditioner.


When applying, use plastic gloves, coloring forehead, neck, avoid applying petroleum jelly, or baby oil gel for all shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.


Hair that has never been modified, it is good to soften in advance. To achieve individual tone colors can mix with one another. Colors works faster and holds better on chemically treated hair. To achieve the desired hue is necessary to bleach blond hair.

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