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Look of the month

Get rewarded for your latest metal look and get €40 voucher code for your next purchase at Metalshop

  • Take a picture of yourself enjoying your latest metal gems from Metalshop and inspire others on how to look metal. You can do that simply in the “Your photographs” section.
  • That is the easiest part though, to win the hearts and souls of your fellow metalheads you can’t just look metal as fuck. You have to get as many votes as possible to claim the title of Look of the Month. So share, send, talk about it with your friends and watch the vote count rise.
  • Photograph with the highest number of votes at the end of the month in which it was uploaded will receive the title Metalshop’s Look of the Month and a €40* voucher with it!
  • Keep in mind that every submitted and approved photo automatically gets you 2 euro promo code for the next purchase as well!

  • Live long and metal \m/

Check latest photos and vote for your favorites here!

* Contest’s rules: Metalshop’s Look of the Month will be announced only when at least 3 people participate with their photographs in a current month.

** You are permitted to one vote per photo per day after your email address is confirmed.



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