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Dress bands and spoulpracujeme with the best

Our showroom from opening while attending more or less known bands., some are with us for a long time. Introducing our species playing the Czech and world stejdžích! The visit of seasoned musicians always document in a diligent :)

S whom we had the honor?


Cz and Doga band are like brother and sister, holding it together. Dogu accompany the concerts and festivals, and we can take it into account when it grinds us at any celebration :) Izzi is our frequent guest, and no Mrňus - one of the cz knows more than you think ...


Malignant Tumour

This bunch of freaks with an inexhaustible sense of humor on stage and off it pulled out in 2013 with the support of the European cord and cz, stopping for some clothes for us. In cooperation with Malignant Tumour continue and look forward to their next concert - deliberately, sometimes you see them live? Mělibyste!



On his tourn to come dressed and Czech rock legend. Faithfulness it hard music, with all due respect, fresh in after more than 30 years of playing. It's beautiful to watch as you come with us on how their young and restless, so the older ones. A restless.


Warheim, Souldrainer & Diabolical

These three Swedish band came through European cities in 2013 and no guess where their members went to buy? We signed the wall as others and our little vypráznili shelf.


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